Coming this October, award winning singer Grace Cosgrove will celebrate the music of Laura Nyro,  the innovative singer-songwriter of the 60’s and 70’s  with the release of her new CD, TO LAURA WITH LOVE —  Grace Cosgrove Sings Laura Nyro.  Nyro is best known for writing such memorable hits as WEDDING BELL BLUES, ELI’S COMING, AND WHEN I DIE, STONEY END and STONED SOUL PICNIC.  And, artists such as The 5th Dimension, Blood, Sweat and Tears and Barbara Streisand had major hits introducing her songs. In 1969, Nyro had 3 of the top 10 hits on the Billboard charts, a major accomplishment.

From the first time she heard Laura Nyro’s music as a teenager, Grace was enthralled and transported by the spirit, passion and poetic storytelling of Laura’s songwriting art, and has been interpreting her songs throughout her performing career.  Never seeking to imitate the Nyro style, Grace has been able to mesmerize audiences with a sensitivity and sincerity all her own – paying tribute, but never seeking to reproduce that unique voice.  Instead, she has always sought to give the shifting tempos and poetic lyrics of Laura Nyro her own personal touch.

A truly original ground breaking artist, Laura Nyro has influenced such singer-songwriters as Joni Mitchell, Ricki Lee Jones, Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello and Tori Amos – all who acknowledge the brilliance and combination of blues, jazz and rock and roll influence that have crafted their own art.

For the many fans of Laura Nyro, this cd will be a trip down memory lane.  For others, who are not familiar with her work, Grace Cosgrove’s celebration of the music of Laura Nyro will open their world to new and intimate experiences that will enhance their musical appreciation of this great artist.

Grace Cosgrove started singing at a very young age, performing in venues from her native New York City to Los Angeles.  With a wealth of experience that took her from backup singer to jingle singer to the unique and gifted solo performer that she is today, she would love to thank the incredible musicians in her band and on her CD for taking this joyful journey with her.

Don Rebic — Musical Director/Piano   Sean Harkness— Guitar
Dan Gross — Drums/Percussion   Jason DiMatteo — Bass
Margaret Dorn, Emily Bindiger, Diane Garisto — Background Vocals